Best Online Dating Rules For Women

There were times when women only used to go on dates with men who were selected by their parents. With changing times, girls started going out with men referred by her friends, relatives and family. Of course courtship after meeting a man in college, school or any other place has always been there. Blind dates culture also started off and people simply loved it. Online dating has been there for a long time now and with each passing day it is getting better and better. Many people talk about dating rules for men and hardly anyone who talks about dating rules for women. Let us have a look at some of the online dating rules for women:

1. Do not initiate any conversation online from your end. Let the guy approach you. Often girls or women who approach guys online are considered to be available and are not taken seriously.

2. There can be many situations in which you might not like the attitude or character of a certain person online in the chat room. Block him immediately. There is no need to entertain unwanted people.

3. In case there is an option to post a photograph then opt for the best picture you have of yourself. Never post a celebrity’s picture. It does not look nice.

4. In case there is any guy interested in you and approaches you through instant message or email then there is no need to reply immediately. Again try and show that you are not waiting for some guy.

5. In case you are interested in a guy who has approached you via e mail then do not reply immediately. Wait for at least two days before replying to that mail. If he is really interested in you, he will wait for your reply.

6. It is highly advisable not to share your real demographic details, name, telephone numbers in first go.

7. Keep a separate e mail address for such things. Never use your original personal e mail id for online dating.

8. Never lie about anything related to your appearance, size or locality. It is better to avoid subjects which you do not want to discuss rather than lying about them. You never know if your conversation gets to the next level.

9. Everything should be slow and gradual in case of online dating. Do not jump to the conclusions about a guy you met in a chat room. Take your own time before you decide to meet him in person.

Online dating is pretty popular amongst all segments of ages across globe. There are positive side to it and negative as well. It is always better to take prevention rather than cure. So, be cautious while you flirt with men online. Disclosing a lot of information to an unknown man can be dangerous hence it should always be kept in mind that the online dating process is very slow ad needs to be treated in a slow manner.