Online Dating Tricks

Oh yes…when it comes to online dating, it is possible to get tricked from so many different directions.

First, there are literally tens of thousands of single dating sites fighting for your membership. And as you may have discovered, many will do anything to get it! One online dating site trick that never seems to go away is the “fictitious member” trick.

What happens is this; you sign up for their free trial which will allow you to view members, members can view you, and you can receive email. Cool…

You set up a basic profile; it doesn’t make sense to invest too much time since you’re not sure if you are going to stay!

Within minutes, you receive a very heart felt, sincere email from a top local executive, or another equally impressive field. Basically, they are looking for someone just like you…in your area! Well now…! You sharpen your wits; construct a very professional, cute, informative response. As soon as you send your response, you are glued to your monitor… amazed at your luck!

You’re waiting for a response from “Mr. My Future”…there it is!

You rush to your in box…and it’s from the site’s admin. dept. They remind you that you can only

email…you can’t

to email. What do you do…? Is

“Mr. My Future” all part of the membership “trick”?

You’re on another site…clickin’…cruisin’…socializin’…until you run into someone that not only caught your eye, but you’re both on the same reality page! He gets your little jokes…makes the same little off color remarks…you even share the same music files…

you have the same outlook on relationships…and even if the relationship doesn’t take a romantic turn, you would love to have this person as a friend. This is too good to be true…you spend every free minute instant messaging…emailing…phoning…texting…he is a major part of your day.

You haven’t heard from him…emails aren’t being answered. You check the site you met him on and he hasn’t logged in for over two days. That’s not normal…you leave several messages on his cell phone…followed with text messages. But…no response. Of course you are concerned about him, but to be

honest? You know it’s selfish, but you don’t want to have this person walk out of your life. He’s brought a lot of simple pleasures to your world. The two of you have even planned a weekend rendezvous…just to see if the physical/sexual attraction is there…while slowly sinking into self pity, there is an email.

Is this a trick…?

Both of these scenarios are true experiences. I’ve said all of that to say this: keep your guard up, until you are 100% sure you can safely take it down!