Having The Best Online Profile

To make sure you get the best results possible from online dating, make sure you have the best online profile possible.

Take your time…it is an investment in your future. But as I stop and think about it, it really shouldn’t take more than an hour to set your profile up from beginning to end.

Your profile will be broken up into 3 main pieces:

Your user name…make sure it is a name you like. I’ve seen singles use nicknames that they had as a child…and hated as a child!

It can be a nickname, pet name, your favorite fairy tale character, something magical or mythical. I also suggest you keep the name fairly easy to spell. When someone returns to the original site they saw you on, you want to make the name easy to find.

Your Photo…your photo is your “face to face” introduction. Make it a good one! It is not expensive to have a good quality photo taken. Please don’t use your drivers license picture…or your wedding picture with your ex husbands face cut out!

If you were really excited about a blind date, how would you look for your first introduction? That is the same quality of photo you want to post on your profile.

Taking the extra time to have the best online profile will be well worth it.

Last is, your profiles Essay section. Here they will ask “who are you?” This is where you want to shine! This is where you will fine tune who you are and who you are looking for!

After viewing and reading your profile, there should be no doubt you are serious about finding your love interest. Having the best online profile is your foundation…

Now get out there and start building on it! Good luck…