When Should a Woman Call a Man? Dating Tips For Single Women

Everyone seems to have a different opinion when it comes to the rules of the dating world. If you’re a single, independent woman you’ve probably noticed that fifty percent of people will advise you to play hard to get while the other half is telling you to chase down the man you want. No two men are alike, and as such what works in one situation may backfire miserably in another. There are some common character traits that most men have though and once you understand these it does give you a slight advantage when it comes to dating. The issue of when should a woman call a man is hotly debated. If you’ve sat and wondered about this yourself there are a few ground rules you should remember before you pick up the phone and dial.

If you meet a man and he gives you his number, you should take this as an invitation to call him. This means you get one call. Time it well. It’s not a good idea to call him too soon after the meeting. Wait a couple of days and then ring him up. If he doesn’t answer, leave a polite message including your phone number. Don’t call back after this. He has your information and he’s more than capable of dialing a phone. If you hear from him, you’ll know his interest was genuine. If he doesn’t call back within a week, stroke him off the list of potential dates. When it comes to when should a woman call a man, remember that it’s once and only once and it’s a few days after the initial meeting.

Some women prefer to give out their numbers to men and this too comes with a few rules. Only give your number if you really want the man to call. If he calls and you’re available, answer the phone. Many women play hard to get and will play telephone tag with their potential suitor. Many men just don’t find this charming and if they can’t get you on the phone after a couple of attempts, they’ll give up. If you do miss his call return it as soon as possible. If he doesn’t pick up, leave a short message and wait to hear from him.

Once the relationship has become more established you may find yourself wondering if there’s any set rules on when should a woman call a man. There are definitely ways to peak and keep his interest and one involves the way you handle calls. Men do enjoy the thrill of the chase when it comes to the women they are interested in. It’s always better to keep him on his toes by never letting him predict when you’ll answer when he calls or when you’ll call him. Keep an air of mystery around you and he’ll stay captivated.