Online Love

It’s no surprise that online dating is fast becoming the most popular way of finding you true love. Maybe it’s the fact that most people are so immersed in their careers and have no time for dating or maybe the dating community has just gone stale, I’m not sure but the truth is undeniable. Using interfaces like instant messaging and online dating sites will get you a partner in a flash.

It is so fast to do so because with online dating, you could be anyone you want yourself to be. You can reinvent if you think you’re boring in real life. You won’t be able blush in embarrassment or stutter in your speech whenever a man or woman comes up to “chat” with you. Well even if you do, the person on the other end won’t have any idea anyway.

In the same thread, we invent the people that we meet. This is where falling in love online falls into a major pit. Without the benefit of actual face contact wherein you can judge a person’s demeanor by the way he or she carries herself, we begin to imagine how our online partner acts and looks based on a still photo and some messages.

You may think I’m dissing online dating but actually I’m not. I’m just saying that limiting the idea of falling in “love” online is just a recipe for disaster and disappointment. Online dating is a great place to meet people, but not to know them. Many online daters already profess their love online when they haven’t even seen their partners yet. Online dating is a good stepping stone for “knowing” people not just “meeting” them. So my general advice is to meet people that you encounter while online dating face to face as soon as possible before falling in love with them.

This will help you judge your partner effectively. Not all online daters pretend when they go online, some are seriously looking for love just like you are. And it’s also a good for you to deal with his or her quirks. Those little things about a person that you just have to deal with. You could only do that if you meet them face to face. Besides it will be easier to get to know them in person since you’ve already spent time together online.

After meeting him or her face to face, don’t revert back to the online relationship anymore. I know that temptation is great because that’s what you have both been used to but it’s time to take the risk. Love should be based on something substantial not forever imaginary. Basically this is my main point. Don’t get too ahead of yourself when using online dating services. Online dating provides singles with amazing opportunities but they are not foolproof. So just remember to stay critical when it comes to online love. Many people have already been duped because they did not do so.