Understand Men – Why Men Love the Chase

Its hard to know what’s going on in a man’s mind. That why relationships can be incredibly frustrating sometimes. In this article we delve deep into the depths of the male psyche so you can understand men’s mind’s better and improve your dating and relationships with the opposite sex.

Why do men love the chase and why does it turn them off when women chase them.

I think its very important that there’s a balance of interest in the building stages of a relationship. For example you shouldn’t say I love you on the first date. It would freak out the guy. That’s obvious right? Same if you call too much. If you call three times, he’s going to think you much more into him than he is into you. Even if your not.

You can’t pursue romantic relationships like you would business. It’s not a deal to be done, hand shaken, document signed. They have a certain flow to them and a build up. For the most part it’s better to take things slowly.

If you show to much interest he could easily perceive this as neediness. He may think that you have no other options or are desperate. It could well be the case that he’s the coolest guy you’ve met in a long time, however you’d still be fine without him. You don’t NEED him and if fate happens and you don’t end up with him… Well that’s life. You have to accept that and not pursue him or pressure him.