First Date Questions to Ask – Simple Dating Tips

Last weekend, I went on my first date. There were many questions in my mind as what to do; I mean what to say and what to ask. After doing all sorts of preparations, I went to meet that someone special with my heartbeat racing and pulse-rate missing.

I somehow managed to sit opposite that wonderful stranger and controlled my emotions from coming out from eyes (or from anywhere else). Everything was looking absolutely enchanting but all of a sudden something, which was not at all desired, came out from my mouth. I don’t know why but I asked “Are you a Virgin?” and the smooth sailing ‘titanic’ of my first date, became a part of a must-not-remembered history.

Well! I know that none of you readers is interested in reading my romantic tragedy but the fact is that most of the people don’t know anything about the ingredients of the first date like, what to ask and what not to ask on such an occasion. If you have a curious mind and want to judge as well as impress that someone special on the First date, then the following five questions are for you:

I am absolutely speechless before your persona, so can you help me out by telling something your life and passions? This question can play a significant role in starting the conversation. Also, this question gives you a chance in knowing and understanding some basic aspects of your Date.

What are your expectations from life or what are your future plans? This question would provide you an idea or an insight about the intellectual aspect of the person opposite you. The answer would bring out the hidden desires as well as the real self of the person.

What exactly you think is the basis of any compatible relationship? This question provides an opportunity to know the deeper emotions of that someone special and also it would give ample indications about the future of this relationship.

After narrating any of your embarrassing yet humorous moments of life, ask “Do you regret anything in life?” or “What is your greatest fear?” and if the answer is quite serious, then make the situation light by saying that ‘Thank God’, I thought I am going to hear my name as your greatest regret or fear”. If one can complete this act efficiently, then it is definitely going to account for creating two impressions on the mind of your date. One is that of emotional intimacy and second of your charming and happy nature.

Last but not the least, if you really think that you two can really tango, then go ahead and ask “Do you believe in love at First date or you want to spend some more time to know me?” However, it is nice to be a bit romantic on the First Date but the idea of sex is strictly not recommended. Try to be patient, as there are many more dates to go, however, one can leave the other person thinking about how romantic one is and what fun would it be to share the same bed!.

After going through all these endearing 5 great first date questions, you all must be wondering, that if I knew these questions, then how come I screwed up? Well! The answer is simple, as I was unaware about these questions till yesterday.

I came to know about these from my friend, who is right now dating my first date.

However, the day is not far when I shall be dating his first date. I am absolutely sure that you all would also be getting benefited from these questions.

Try these yourself and feel free to share your comments.