Meeting That Special Lady for the First Time

So you found your special lady via an online dating site but you are wondering what you should do to really impress that lady when you meet her for the first time. We all know that you will probably want to look good for her, so don’t give a bad impression of yourself when you meet her for the first time.

When you meet a lady for the first time, you will want to remember that first impressions that you leave of yourself with that special lady may determine if she will want to meet you or not for a second date. If you dress like a slob that is definitely not the way that you will want to appear when you meet that special lady for the first time, as that will probably be the first and last impression that she will want to remember you by.

You will definitely want to present yourself as being a man that is interested in a special lady and you will want too dress up for this first time to leave an ever lasting impression. A few other pointers for your personal appearance include making sure that your hands are clean, you are clean shaven, your shoes are polished and of course may be wear some of your favorite cologne to show her you have some class.

When you are fortunate enough to meet her make sure that you also show some manners even if as simply opening a door for her or to help with her chair to sit down at a table in a restaurant. As well it wouldn’t hurt if you took her a little gift like even a box of chocolates as most of the ladies have a weakness for the sweets.

If you are meeting in a restaurant or any other public place and when you start to make conversation make sure if you are honestly interested in her to show by your actions and conversation that you are interested in her. A definite mistake that you shouldn’t make during conversation is bragging about yourself as this is a definite turnoff with most of the ladies as they don’t want to meet someone who appears to be stuck on themselves.

With good conversation remember that you should as well listen as to what she has to say if you are truly interested in her. Remember that good conversation involves two people in this case and you should show mutual respect and concern for what the other person has to say as well.

When your first meeting with that special lady has come to an end, you should let her know by being honest if you are interested in her or not and she should let you know if she is or not interested in you. You should never prove yourself to look like a jerk and tell her that you will get back to her and you never do, that is being a total jerk and you just end up hurting someone by doing so.